Get daring in Derbyshire!

If you’re not one for enjoying a sedate pace, or perhaps you just fancy a change, then why not take a tip from us and enjoy the daring side of Derbyshire?

Try taking a peak at the county from high in the sky. You can choose from para, hand or traditional gliding, or a hot air balloon flight – you could just take a spin with an instructor or you could sign up for a spot of training if you’re feeling braver! If having your eyes in the sky isn’t something that floats your boat then why not try an adventure on the water?

Canoeing is a popular pastime up in the Peaks or perhaps you’d prefer trying your hand at windsurfing? But if you’re handy with a rope then, there’s even more for you to dare to do. There’s climbing, abseiling, caving, a variety of activity centres and of course, the well-known and wonderful Go Ape experience!

If you want to take a trip to a cavern but don’t fancy caving, then you can explore several underground wonderlands all across the Peak District, both natural caves and manmade centuries ago. Enjoy stunning stalagmites and stalactites, fascinating fossils and at Speedwell Cavern you can even take a fairy tale boat ride through an 18th Century mine!

Being a dare devil doesn’t always mean doing something unusual either, there are lots of cycle tracks and walking routes that need a strong will and firm determination to conquer!

Whatever type of activity you choose to undertake, you can be sure that when you return to your Oaklands log cabin in the evening, you’ll get a warm welcome, cosy wood burning fire and a hot tub with a view. Enjoying the comfort of our four star lodges after a hard days dare devilling will make sure that you’re ready to take on the challenge of your next adventure in the morning.