Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Oaklands Country Lodges are situated in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside and are owned by farming family of five, the Redferns.

As operational farmers, Claire and Daniel are acutely aware of the importance of the environment and sustainability, and apply the same strict standards to protect the wider environment, encourage local sourcing and improve sustainable investment to their holiday cottages, as they do to their business and their family home.

The Oaklands Country Lodges Environment and Sustainability Policy the five key areas of Recycling & Waste, Products & Appliances, Energy, Local Suppliers and the Natural Environment.

If you have any questions or feedback on the Environmental and Sustainability Policy, or have any ideas about how we could less on our environmental impact, Claire and Daniel would be delighted to discuss them with you.



  • We use renewable energies as much as possible and have invested in several carbon-reducing initiatives.
  • We have air source heat pumps that supply under the floor heating and hot water in all three of our holiday lodges.
  • We have two 10Kw solar panel units.
  • Low energy light bulbs are used throughout our holiday lodges, our home and farming business.
  • All electricity we buy-in are from renewable sources.
  • The lodges are very well insulated, offering minimum heat wastage.
  • We offer log-burning fires, where we provide the guests with a bag of logs from sustainable source.

Recycling & Waste:

  • We provide recycling facilities for glass, plastic, tins, paper and cardboard at all of our holiday lodges.
  • All guests have the facility to compost their waste food in our recycling facilities.
  • We ensure water conservation through not undertaking more laundering than is necessary, like the washing of unused towels.
  • All rainwater channelled into our ponds to support our biodiversity and wildlife.
  • If guests have waste that is considered ‘hazardous’, like batteries, we offer them the option to leave it with us so that we can dispose of it safely.
  • All of our literature is printed on recycled paper.
  • We have reminders in our lodges to turn off the lights if appropriate, so as to avoid wasting electricity.
  • As far as is reasonably practicable, we hold records electronically and not on paper in our office. We re-use as much of paper as we can, before we recycle it.

Products and appliances:

  • We provide environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products for our guests to use.
  • We ensure that we use environmentally appropriate cleaning and washing products when we are servicing our luxury lodges.
  • Many of our appliances in our holiday cottages have a very efficient energy rating.
  • We provide FSC certified toilet paper in our lodges.

Local suppliers:

  • In the building of our holiday lodges, we used predominately local
    suppliers and sustainable materials where possible. For example,
    timber/wood with the globally recognised FSC accreditation.
  • We use local suppliers to provide the luxury sundries we supply for our guests in our holiday cottages.
  • We use local suppliers for our farm business too, and as a family we enjoy a range of local food products in our home.
  • We are always quick to recommend local suppliers, shops, services,
    eateries and producers to our guests.
  • Where possible we source organic products.

Natural environment:

  • We have planted 600 metres of new hedgerows.
  • We have planted 250 new trees near to our holiday lodges.
  • We encourage wildlife, natural habitats and biodiversity through the
    design of our landscaping, our planting programme and provision of large ponds near adjacent to the holiday lodges.
  • All landscaping and gardening is carried out without using harmful
  • Where possible we use organic methods and products.
  • We supply information on public transport, as well as cycling routes, to encourage our guests to consider a more sustainable method of transport than their cars.
  • We encourage sustainable tourism by raising awareness of the destinations and options available to our guests to enjoy the local area by foot or cycle.
  • We have copies of Natural England’s Countryside Code available to all of our visitors to remind them of, and encourage them to, follow its guidance of respecting, protecting and enjoying our countryside.
  • We feed our birds throughout the winter to ensure we can support our diverse range of bird species and they can continue to thrive.
  • We compost any cuttings or leaves that we prune/move.

Oaklands Country Lodges continues to comply with all the appropriate environmental and sustainability legislation.



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